Thursday, February 28, 2008

The Universe is Raining on My Parade

For the past few nights, around midnight, I am sound asleep, and get woken up covered in vomit. Nasty, chunky, stinky vomit. How's that for a wake up call? Sophie has consistently thrown up about three times a day since Friday morning, and has had some FUN diapers. So, her doctor wanted to see her today to give her a thorough look over. She has lost two pounds (not alot when you are only 20 to start with!). She has lost her "cheerleader thighs." And, any chunk that she may have had filling in has definitely been long gone. They did a strep throat culture and bloodwork, and the consensus is, she has BAD bug. A bad bug that has caused throwup and diarrhea for 8 days now! Our doctor said she has seen quite a few cases like this. So, I guess this morning at 6 am, I wasn't surprised to hear Aaron puking his guts up in the bathroom. He has consistently thrown up all day. All I can say is that I am SOOOOO ready to be done with this. Curse me for advertising that we were all well!

Hopefully we will defeat this soon, because if I have to smell clorox one more time, I think I will be the one puking. In other news, we got some very devastating news this week that we aren't really ready to share, but we definitely need some prayers thrown our way if you don't mind. Our familes have alot going on in them, and the next few months seems to be a very challenging time.

I found my camera charger HOORAY. So, I finally can take pictures of my kids again. Sadly, my program to upload them isn't cooperating, or I would show you how amazingly cute Sophie looked today!

Sullivan, now when he is mad, doesn't allow you to call him Mario. I am assuming its his way of punishing you. Tonight, when I wouldn't take the white gravy off of his bisctuit for him, he told me, "That's it, you may not call me Mario anymore!" I told him that that was fine, as I am sure Mario would never treat his mother that way, and he would definitely eat a biscuit with gravy on it. After thinking for a few seconds, he came back with his smart reply- "Well, I guess its a good thing you aren't calling me Mario then." Lord, I am in for some fun years ahead huh?