Friday, February 15, 2008

The beating of a different drum

Well, if anyone has any suggestions on where my camera charger is, please shoot them this way. I really need some pictures of my children before they enter college. Life is rolling along here quite well. Sophie seems to grow more every day, Sullivan takes great delight in the new things she does. It is amazing to watch, almost makes me want a few more, but hey, then again, it doesn't. Sullivan and Aaron surprised me with a wonderful gift card to a salon and spa here in town for Valentine's day. I am super excited!!! Sophie surprised me with red diapers and lots of undigested food, think about that for a moment. Yes, red poop and cloth diapers don't really work out for the best. Speaking of cloth, its going along great. I can't imagine not using them now! My parents sent us a fun package with presents for everyone in it. Sophie got these two littel bunnies that she carries around and bathes in the dog water bowls (yes they are STUFFED bunnies). Sullivan got some cars and ten one dollar bills. My dad told him he had to use them at the dollar store, so he won't bring them anywhere else now. I told him Walmart takes dollars, and he told me "Sometimes I think you make this stuff up as you go along." Yeah, he is four. He also doesn't want to use them in case they run out, "I would rather just use your money instead mom." Smart, huh? Oh yeah, I got a waffle maker, hooray! Sullivan called Aaron to tell him about the presents and told him that "mommy got a big cooking thing that she seems to think is fun, but its not cars."


Steve Buser said...

Try Goodwill or Salvation Army. I remember the one in Beaumont had a computer section with a bin full of chargers of all types.