Friday, February 1, 2008

Have you ever needed to create a curse word?

Seriously? Like a tailor made word that would fit the exact situation you are going through? Last night, let's just say I did not sleep. Ok, that's an exaggeration, I did sleep a total of about 30 minutes, and that's probably stretching it. So, I was nice, I told Sullivan he could watch a movie while I took a nap with Sophie. I didn't want to force him to nap if he didn't need to. We have really been dealing with giving him direct instructions so that we don't set our expectations too high. Here is exactly what I told him:

"You are to lay in your bed and watch Cars. If Cars ends and mommy is not awake, you are to play your video game in your room quietly without getting up. You may NOT change movies in the dvd player. You may not leave your room unless you are hurt."

He understood the directions. And seriously, I mean what kid wouldn't want to watch a movie instead of napping?

Apparently one- namely Sullivan. Let me let you listen in on his phone call to Aaron because I was so mad that I couldn't deal with it.

"Ummm daddy.... it's not good."
"What isn't Sullivan?"
"Well it was all a accident really."
"What was Sullivan? Sullivan, were you bad? We talked about you listening yesterday."
"Well, I wasn't good daddy."
"What did you do?"
(Ummm, first would be a good starting point.)
"Yes, Sullivan, first what did you do?"
"Well, I didn't want to watch Cars, so I changed it to animals, but first I changed it and it was music, and that didn't work, so I changed it to Little Einsteins."
"You changed your movie three times? I thought we don't want you changing your movies, that's how they get scratched."
"Then, I got the box of cereal out of the cabinet."
"How did you get in the cabinet?"
"I climbed. And THEN I poured all of the sugar from the box all over my carpet."
"What? Sullivan, that is not very good."
"And I danced on the sugar."
"What? Are you serious?"
"And then, I got the king cake out of the kitchen and the knife to cut it."
"Oh my goodness Sullivan, that is it. This is not good."
"And I took off my underwear."
"I am coming home Sullivan, you need to go sit in timeout until I get there."
"No, dad I can handle it, I can tell mom I am sorry."
"Somehow I don't think sorry is gonna fix it."
"But it was all just an accident."

I will leave it there, bc I am pretty sure what happened, well, I will just leave it there. But, I will say that he is currently in his room cleaning. He has been cleaning now for 30 minutes, and his tv, dvd player, and all of his movies are sitting in the hall.

On a side note, Sophie fell out of the shopping cart at Walmart Wednesday. See, I told you I need a new curse word designed just for me. She is fine, but it was quite traumatic. How people can handle more than two children, I will never know. I am not sure I will survive these two.


Theaveragekid said...

Thats a funney story about sulavan.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Iain said...

Well, the shopping cart problem, they have those new telecarts right,those are hard to fall out of, as for sulivan, dont put the TV in the room in the first place, for that causes them to eat less healthyer,get less exercise, and low grades in school.