Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Fresh Air

Ahhhhh..... well, my camera charger is still in the land of the lost, so I had to take pictures with our video camera. It's pretty amazing how much technology has progressed since 2.3 megapixels was alot! Anyway, that's what the poor quality is about, but a picture of a cute kid is a picture of a cute kid whether the quality sucks or not, right? So, yesterday, after a weekend of sickness, we decided to get some fresh air at the zoo in Houston. The kiddos are still sick, but we thought fresh air would help everyone. It was sooooooo much fun!!! It was the first time Sophie really "got it". She was mesmerized by all of the animals, and soaked everything up. It was so neat to watch her little expressions. The child is a daredevil, she loved the park, and did all of the big kid slides ALONE. What was pretty neat was that she did about 10 signs! We have been signing with her pretty much from birth, we have a ton of sign language videos that they love to watch, and Sullivan does signs to her too. Supposedly, if you teach them signs, they can sign before they can communicate and it cuts out on fits. Well, we were starting to think she was never going to sign. I mean, she talks, she says just about anything she wants. The only sign she has ever done is "gentle" when she approaches our dogs or cats, and she has been doing that since 10 months. So, I thought they were just not gonna happen. But, yesterday, she signed "mommy, daddy, milk, water, more" and a few others that we think were bird, cat, and full, but we aren't really sure. Anyway, it was REALLY impressive!!!!
Sometimes I get sad thinking about Sophie being my last baby, but then we have days like yesterday, where I realize how wonderful it will be to do fun things without a baby in tow! She toddled around the zoo yesterday, exploring and getting into all kinds of mischief. Sullivan taught her all about the animals, and we just watched the two of them interact. It was such a nice day!!!!


Brandy said...

I KNEW she had it in her...she was just waiting for something she wanted to tell YOU about. Ironically after milk, Brooke's first really good sign was Bird and Squirrel. I think they just wanna sign when its something that interests them! Go Sophie!