Monday, December 3, 2007

Christian Education

(Sophie as I found her after her brother decided she needed spiky hair)

Wow, seriously. I tell you this story not to make you question anything but your own life. I mean, seriously. Surely you have gone through your day thinking you had a sense of humor. Perhaps you heard a funny joke, laughed a little. Well, today as I picked Sullivan up from school, I got a lesson all of my own that I think I should share. Just to give you something to fill your evening with laughter. He is in preschool and they learn a new letter each week. The letter is a person, "Mr. A" "Mrs. L". The person has a personality, for instance, Mrs. L likes licking lemon lollipops. So, each Monday, when I pick him up, he excitedly tells me about the new person and the interesting fact about them. Today, was the same. It is a preschool at a church, perhaps I should pre empt the story with that tid bit of information.

"We learned about Mr. N today mommy!" (lots of enthusiasm)

"You did? What does Mr. N do?"

"Well, Mr. N is horny."

(choked up, surely I did not just hear that, what do I say? How do I respond?) "What?"

"Yeah, Mr. N is horny, he has a noisy nose that is a horn and makes noise."

"Oh, wow, he is NOISY. Not horny."

"Right, mom, of course."

And you thought your kid was getting a good education!

Sullivan is REALLY into Christmas this year. He told us exactly how to decorate the yard, and the tree, and is very into putting a piece of the advent up each day. He can not understand why there are huge socks with his name on them that would never fit him but we hang on the fireplace. Anyway, here is our tree, that he decorated quite well! Of course it has to have a train around it!


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