Monday, December 24, 2007

My Love

I can not believe it has now been a year since I first met you in that delivery room. Your scream upon entering this world brought tears to your mommy and daddy's eyes. You have been quite a blessing from day one. I have had more fun playing dress up with you- putting large enough bows in your hair for a child ten years older than you. When I see you smile, hear you laugh, know that you are happy, I feel complete. I have loved cuddling you, loving on you, holding you tight. When your tummy hurt in the night, I stayed up comforting you and loved every minute of it. Your little cries hurt worse than the screams of a grown man. You have taught me so much in this last year- more than I think I have learned in a lifetime. I have never had such a roller coaster of emotions in just one year. When you scared us with how sick you got in September, had me fly with you on a helicopter, I have never known I could love something or someone that much. Don't ever do that to me again Sophie Lynn! I can not wait to watch you grow into a young lady and see your little personality develop. You are such a blessing my love, you have made your mommy happier than you will ever know! Happy First Birthday my love. We love you more than you will ever know!