Monday, December 17, 2007

Birthday girl

Well, So Sophie had her party this weekend. We had a few close friends over and some family, and celebrated in style. Sophie had a bit of an ear infection hanging around, so she wasn't the happiest camper at first. But, once the big kids got here, she truly enjoyed herself. I think the most fun for her was getting to sit at the big kid table and steal food off of their plates. She carried on a full conversation with them. She LOVED eating cake, and LOVED playing with the balloons. I honestly can not believe the child will be one Saturday. It blows my mind! Anyway, I will post more pictures later with her friends in them, I just thought you might enjoy a few of the birthday girl alone :)

And the best for last: the anatomy of eating cake:


Therese said...

What a pretty birthday girl! Watching her devour her cake was too funny!!!!

The Mama said...

Aw, Vicky, she's too cute! We had so much fun, everything was perfect!