Wednesday, December 19, 2007

More Birthday Pictures

Look at all of the girls admiring him!

Everyone likes pictures right? Here are some more from the party.
Is this a monkey? I am confused?

Trinity and Brooke painting ornaments. Brooke took it VERY seriously, and came out with some beautiful RED work. Trinity even managed to paint a star!

Sophie's best bud checking out her toys and showing her how its done!
Sullivan and Uncle Charlie decorating ornaments (Charlie's was of course the best!)
I can wear a Santa hat if I want at my party! Now, let me keep stealing these kids' food!
What? you don't put toys in your mouth so you can crawl?

Sullivan's future wife (Lauren), and Sophie's future husband (Thomas).

In other news, both kids went to the ENT yesterday. Sullivan was having some hearing issues, and basically has about 30 percent of his hearing right now. He has alot of fluid on his eardrums and really needs a set of tubes to drain it all and to have his enormous tonsils taken out. But, we are going to try a long round of antibiotics first to see if it will clear up. Sophie is having a set of tubes put in on Friday to hopefully drain all of this gunk that seems to be hanging around in her ears and prevent her from needing any more antibiotics. Please pray for them as they both try to heal!


Brandy said...

I love the girls at the food table all admiring Sullivan! That is so funny!