Saturday, December 8, 2007

Christian Education Part Two

So, apparently he does learn something good in school! Here is a conversation we had in the car this morning on the way to a birthday party:

Sullivan: "Mom, Christmas is a magical time."
Me: "Yep, sure is. What is so magical about it?"
Sullivan: "You know, reindeer flying, Jesus flying, stuff like that."
Me: "Jesus flying? Where does he fly?"
Sullivan:" You know mom!"
Me: "No, are you talking about after he died when he rose into heaven?"
Sullivan: "Not flowers mom (I am assuming from the rose), I am talking about he flied into my heart and lives there. He lives there forever now that he flied there- right into my heart."
Me: "That is magical Sullivan. Isn't it wonderful that Jesus can live in your heart and be with you all of the time? I am so glad he lives in my heart too."
Sullivan: "He can only live in one of our hearts, and he picked mine. He doesn't know how to fly into yours mom."
Me: "Ok, well, are we gonna have a birthday party for Jesus on Christmas day since its His birthday?"
Sullivan: "I like that plan mom, we can make a cake!"
Me: "Mmm a cake, that sounds great."
Sullivan: "But since he is in my heart, I will probably have to eat his cake and open his presents."
Me: "I am sure he won't mind."


Steve Buser said...

ask Sullivan if I can come to the Jesus party. What a smart child, he takes after his nanny!!!!!!

Therese said...

That is really sweet, Vicky. He's wise beyond his years!