Sunday, June 1, 2008


I have a ton of cute pictures to upload, hence the break in posting, but it looks like a few more days before Aaron finishes "fixing" my other computer. So, I will just update you on a few "Sullivanisms" from the last few weeks.

Me- "Sullivan, where do you want to go eat? We will anywhere, because its a special night for you- your graduation."
Sullivan-" McDonalds"
Me- "Anywhere BUT McDonalds"
Sullivan-" Fine, how about Whataburger? I am really thirsty for water, and surely they have it there, I mean listen to their name WATER burger."


I grab a Diet Coke out of the fridge to drink, Sullivan says-
"Mom, if you keep drinking all of that diet coke, you will probably get fat, you should probably only drink Lemonaide or something."


We go eat at a Chinese restaurant where the waiter asks me how old the kids are, I tell him 1 and 4 (they apparently charge by the year), Sullivan pipes in, "And my mom is 30, and my dad is 29, I know he looks bigger than her, but its true, he's not!"


We went to look at a lot on which we might build a house. We asked Sullivan what he thought, did he like it. "Ummm, we aren't makers, so I don't know how you expect a house to get here."


We were shopping for new shoes yesterday, and while I was looking at bows, Sullivan befriended a lady who was checking out. He was being good, so I didn't interupt, but I could hear they were having a pretty serious conversation. When I headed back over to the counter, the three ladies in the store were cracking up laughing, along with the lady who was checking out. Sullivan was looking a little suspicious, so I asked what was so funny. Sullivan says, "Mom, meet my new friend Alicia." The lady is now CRACKING Up laughing. " I told her my name is Sullivan, but she didn't understand me, so I told her to just call me McQueen, Lightning McQueen, and I eat losers for breakfast." Drama lessons please :)


Ana said...

OMG!!! I am cracking up at work reading this....!