Sunday, June 15, 2008

Two Fathers

There are two important fathers in my life that I want to recognize on this most important Father's Day.

First, my first hero. The first man that stole my heart. The man that grabbed me from the birth canal, and (as I am told because I can't remember) walked around the delivery room singing me songs, fending off the nurses and my mom who wanted to hold me. The man who forgot to pay for his gas and was chased to the hospital to watch me be born by police officers. He is the man who sacraficed working at jobs that I know he did not always want to go to so that I had food to eat, barbies galore, cabbage patch kids with the newest outfits, and a mom who could nurture me. He is the man who taught be to be strong, to be independent and brave. He taught me to do what I want in life and not what is expected. He is the best story book reader ever- you wouldn't imagine all of the voices he makes for Cat in the Hat or Hop on Pop and Red Fish, Blue Fish. He is wise beyond measure, but has no problem spending afternoons figuring out how to build the biggest block tower imaginable. He is adored by my children. He plays with them on their level, and they love it. Happy Father's Day Dad, you are amazing. Oh, did I mention, he returns my children so tired that they fall asleep in the middle of Dillards?

Second, my soul mate. He has not only given me a life to build, but two little miracles. It is quite funny that I wish Aaron a happy father's day, as he had no desire to have a child let alone two. He would have been fine having none, but he has grabbed a hold of his "daddy" role and run like a champion. These kids think he is the greatest thing around. To Sullivan, he is a buddy. He is the one who rescues him from the deadly killer ladybugs, the one who is willing to step on spiders to save his life, the one who can fix ANYTHING, the one who knows what all of the buttons do, and mostly the "boss" that he wants to be when he grows up. To Sophie, he is a cuddling partner. He is the one who is willing to play with her hair while she falls asleep, even if it takes an hour. He is the man who can make her laugh or cry in a matter of two seconds. The one who will change the poopy diapers without a frown, clean up the throw up no matter where it is, the one who will tell her she is beautiful in the tutu she is wearing for the sixth day in a row, and the one who will let her brush his hair even though it really hurts. Happy Father's Day Aaron, you are spectacular.