Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Want to Laugh?

First things first, Sophie is quite a little mommy! She is really good at patting, holding, kissing, rubbing, feeding, and then WHACKING her babies. She is into this stroller, and pushes anything that will fit into it all over the place. She drags the stroller everytime we leave out the front door, and insists on taking it. On another note, she has slept in her bed through the night for the past three nights. Last night, she made it from 8 pm until 6 am, climbed in my bed, and slept until 8. HOORAY!!! I actually feel like a whole new woman!!!

Ok, onto the funnies. We were eating at McDonalds the other day, when one of the workers sits down at the table next to us to eat his own lunch. Sullivan says (rather loudly), "Wow, even makers like to eat the food here, I told you McDonalds is good!"

We go to a Chinese restaurant last night (the same one that now knows exactly how old everyone in my family is), the lady comes to take a plate out from in front of Sullivan. He apparenlty brushes up against her arm (which I think was shaved). He says, "Man, that makers' skin was SOOOOO soft. I wish my skin was so soft, but mine is so hard, I have to hit it all of the time just to make it bleed." (He is turning into a REAL boy- everything is about blood)

Ok, so time for your lesson- there are two kinds of bad words- potty words or trash can words. If you say them too many times (this is all according to Sullivan), you can go to jail with all of the bad guys. So potty words are - "poop, tee tee, potty" basically anything relating to the toilet. The trashcan words are "stupid, shutup, dummy, and the newly added ideot". Sullivan LOVES to catch other people saying these words. Last night, he was telling us about how PawPaw likes to say trashcan words, and he doesn't know why he hasn't gone to jail yet. Then he says, "I bet God is up there listening to us talking about all of these stupid trashcan words just waiting to send us to jail." I told him that God doesn't send people to jail, to which he replies, "Maybe they just haven't said enough trash can words yet."