Sunday, June 29, 2008

Life According to Mr. Know it All

Wanna know about life? Real life? The circle of life according to a 4 and a half year old? We went to McDonalds yesterday, where Sullivan explained it all to us. When you are 100 years old, you get to climb really well. Like, you can climb on the outside of the plaything all the way to the top. You can also run really fast when you are 100, faster than God. Then, something happens, and you become 30 and turn into a mom. At this point, you get to have kids and (when this all happens to Sullivan), you bring your kids to Bunco with you so that they can play with all of your mommy friends.

Did you get all that? Ooh boy do we have our hands full. Any suggestions for turning a meanie into a nicie? Sophie is definitely a meanie. The problem is, she knows she is really cute. So, while she is pinching you, she is also smiling really big. She could care less if you fuss at her, if you pop her hand, or if you put her in timeout. She is getting meaner everyday. We went to Chuckee Cheese yesterday, where she was totally in love with the robot dancing at the front. She loved all over him. Then, we went into the mall and let the kids play (I know the playground is dirty ok, don't flame me!). Anyway, Gymboree was having a big sale that I could not resist, so I left the kids in the playground with Aaron. I come back, and Aaron tells me that a little boy is beating up on Sophie, but Sullivan is taking care of him. He asks me why I don't look mad, and I say, "Has she pinched you lately? You don't have to worry about her, she can hold her own!"

Things Sophie loves right now: "Growling like a tiger, mooing like a cow, talking on the phone to nanny and pawpaw, climbing in the toilet, jumping on anything, pushing anything in strollers, pinching us, hitting us, slapping us, kissing us, talking in jibberish, loving all over Delilah while yelling "Dog Dog Dee Dee", being outside, and swimming.

Things Sophie hates right now: her brother playing without her (don't even bother closing a door), coming inside, getting out of the bathtub, going to sleep, being told no, and most of all, having anything taken away from her whether she likes it or not.

A few more Sullivanisms from the past few weeks:

After falling down and scraping his knee : "It hurts more than the whole world, its hurts more than the whole world!"

After seeing Wall-E and understanding that the Earth is part of the solar system, which is actually, the whole world, "Man, God must be super big since THIS is the whole world that he has in his hands. I only thought that song was talking about Earth, but this is really big. I mean, do you know how big this is mom? He has to be REALLY big to have all of this in His hands, I am talking REALLY big."

After I stood up too close to him, "Mom, do you think I want your big booty in my face?" and about two hours later," I didn't mean your booty was big mom, I meant you are a beautiful woman with a little booty, do you think you could take me to see Kung Fu Panda now?"

He was instructed to go pick out 5 books and sit in the playroom and read them before bed while Aaron and I were watching a movie in the living room. About 30 minutes later, he comes out with a book in hand and says ,"Yall's movie is too loud, I mean do you mind, what are you thinking? I am trying to read back here, and now I have to start this book all over, it will probably take me like 100 weeks or something. Now I will never be able to make my bedtime."