Tuesday, June 17, 2008


Well, apparently I cheated on Aaron and conceived Sullivan with someone else. He is convinced his name is Sullivan Jose. He swears by it, and has actually cried when we try to tell him his name is actually Sullivan Isaiah. Funny that he ordered a pizza last time we went to Casa Ole, I guess that part of his heritage didn't come with the name?

He has also decided that he is Indiana Jones. He doesn't really know what that means other than he can get the bad guys. He looks behind every door for bad guys to get, jumps out and says, "Stand back for Indy". I swear the kid could make us a million dollars if we could stick him in a movie.

He is a big fan of the Aggies (the Texas A&M team). Since he has been to ALOT of sporting events to cheer them on, he has picked up on alot of the traditions from around here. He can sing every last word of the fight song, and can tell you more about the yells than you could imagine. Anyway, every time there is a game on tv, no matter who is playing, he asks, "Mom, which one is the Aggies, and which one is the bad guys?" I can tell him that neither team is the aggies, and he doesn't believe me, he just picks a team that sounds good and calls them the Aggies. Sadly, the other team becomes the instant "bad guys."

He has also perfected the art of belly flopping. I have got to get it on video, because its hillarious. The crazy thing is that he actually means to do it! He gears up, says "this is gonna hurt" then jumps out and lands right on his tummy!