Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Confessions from the mother of a Drama King and Queen

Yes, that's right folks, my children will beat anyone they are put up next to in a drama competition. I'll start with the younger one, since she has had less time to perfect her "art".

Sophie walks around the house playing, and when Sullivan comes close to her (but doesn't touch her), she yells (in a very realistic, "I've been hurt severely" voice) "OUCH". Yeah, she tries to get him in trouble, the problem is, if he is in time out, she can't keep herself off of him. She wants to play with him while he is there. She is a horrible pincher, slapper, and meanie. Sullivan tolerates it most of the time, but she is pretty good about hurting him, then as soon as an adult looks, saying "Ouch" as if she is the one being hurt.

On to the tried and true actor. Yesterday, I took him out of the tub, stood him on the toilet to dry him off. He is taller on the toilet, therefore I can reach him better without having to bend. He says (in a very authoritative voice), "Safety violation, Safety violation, you should never stand on high slippery surfaces with wet feet- it's an accident waiting to happen."


Then, he is walking into the living room, glances at the clock, instantly turns on the drama, then says, "Mom, whatever happens don't look at the clock." Ok, seriously, what would you do? I, of course, expecting to see a snake or a brick or shattered glass, look at the clock. I see nothing unusual. Apparently, Sullivan does. He starts seriously breaking down, although it didn't feel really all that genuine. I tell him to calm down and tell me what is wrong. "It's past seven o'clock and I really wanted to watch the Making show with daddy. Now I will never see it because it's past my bedtime." I tell him to calm down, that it's the summer, and perhaps he can stay up a little late. He is in an all out breakdown at this point. Aaron starts to give in. I tell Aaron that he is showing him that the harder he whines, the more he gets, bu he doesn't really listen. So, I go in my room, very upset. Sullivan comes in and says the following, word for word, but with the sweetest, most dramatic voice ever: "Oh beautiful, loving, sweet, fantastic mother, I just love you so much. You are so wonderful, would you mind giving me the remote?" I am doing all that I can not to break out in laughter when I hand him the remote. I hear Aaron in the other room going crazy. Sullivan thanks me in the following way: "Thank you most wonderful, beautiful, sweet, most perfect mother, you are the best."

Awards please.....................