Sunday, June 21, 2009


Some people didn't have a great example of a father growing up. I did. I had a daddy. My earliest memories are him having tea parties with me, taking me on rides at Disney world, building me a playhouse and then PLAYING in it with me, reading stories with really funny voices, and telling me funny jokes. I remember him teaching me to skate and ride my bike. I remember him listening to me when I whined or threw fits. I remember wanting to run away and him carrying me back kicking and screaming all of the way. I am so fortunate to have had a VERY active daddy in my life. I am even more fortunate that he is gonna stick around a while so my kids get to enjoy him in their lives too. He still reads stories really funny and uses great voices. He still gets down on the floor to build lego structures and plays baby dolls as if its really for him.

My kids are super fortunate too, because they get to have just such a dad in their lives. Aaron is a fun dad, the kind that wrestles with them on the bed and sneaks them little treats when mommy isn't watching. He is the kind of daddy who sits on the floor and plays dollhouse with Sophie as if he is a two year old girl and will read books until his eyes hurt. He loves playing with "Sullivan's toys" that he buys for himself to enjoy. He climbs at the playground and slides down the slides, he tries out the toys before the kids do- just to be sure they are safe :) He is passionate about being a father, which makes him a daddy.

I am blessed to have had two great daddies in my life. Happy Father's Day Dad, Happy Father's Day Aaron.