Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Photo Story

For another masters class I am taking, we had to create a photo story of an important or life changing event in our life. I chose to create mine on the week that Sophie was life flighted with croup to Temple's Scott and White Hospital. Take a look and let me know what you think I should change. It's not due until Monday, so you can tell me what's missing, too long, or short, etc. I had a horrible time with the microphone (but you use what you have available), so you probably have to turn your speakers up kind of loud. Thanks friends!!!!

I enjoyed making the personal story. I used Microsoft's Photo Story 3, which can be downloaded for free. It took me a while to decide what I would create my story about. Once I decided, I used an index card, and wrote all of the important things I wanted to say about that week. Of course, I could have filled four or five index cards!!! I then came up with a "script", but had to revise it about ten times because it was really long!!! I finally decided that the important part was to emphasize the point that that week had changed me forever. It still haunts me everytime I see a life flight helicopter in the sky!!!

The software is pretty easy to use. The only problem I had was recording on my microphone the voice overs loud enough. I ended up turning the background music down as low as possible, and realizing that my microphone just isn't that great. The video is produces is pretty big, so I ended up having to post it to youtube (which I really did NOT want to do), in order to link it here for you guys to see.

Anyway, leave me a comment and tell me what you think!


Mandi said...

Hey Vicky....I tried to watch it but it says its not available.

Rebecca said...

It says the video isn't available?

MoJoMama said...

that was beautiful! stupid question, but what are you getting your masters in? i had no idea until I read another blog entry you posted a while back and have been meaning to ask you.

Daryl Ann said...


An amazing video. Hope you are enjoying the class.

Daryl Ann Borel

Brandy said...

That was great! I read this a while back but couldn't get the link to work, so I just now came back to it. I swear I got teary-eyed. And sweet little Sullivan's voice. It was great! :)