Monday, June 15, 2009

Video Editing Project

For my class I am currently in, we were practicing with basic video editing skills in order to prepare for a big project we will be working on during the remainder of the class. The link above is my project. I chose to do a motivational video for teachers with an emphasis on the fact that our kids now learn everything digitally. I wanted to point out that kids feel trapped when they sit in a classroom listening to a lecture for 30 minutes when they are used to playing video games and watching tv all of the time. I am learning alot in the classes I am taking about the changing minds of the kids growing up today. Their minds basically are built differently than ours are, and they learn in different ways. This is why I chose this theme for my video.
The video was fun for me to do, but I had GREAT difficulty finding videos to include. You had to find already taken video and stills on the internet to use in your own compilation. The trick was, they had to be free use- not copyrighted and royalty free. The music was simple to find, but I spent about six hours routing through websites (searching the creative commons) looking for anything I could use that pertained to my theme. The video came out ok, with more time it could have been great. I enjoy editing and attempting to be creative, so I suppose I enjoyed myself :)