Sunday, July 5, 2009

EDLD 5363 Debrief

I am currently taking a multimedia class in my search for a masters degree. We had to complete a PSA in a group of four. Here is the link for the one that my group produced.

I feel we worked really well as a group. It was quite difficult at first trying to figure out how four people in totally different areas were going to complete a project that included videoing clips and editing them together to form a great end product. We started collaborating using a wiki. It turned out to be a VERY useful tool in this project. We started brainstorming ideas about what topic we would create the PSA about. This took a few days, we all threw in ideas about what we wanted to do. In the end, we decided on the booster seat law in Texas.
After deciding on a topic, we started brainstorming ideas on what we would do. The wiki was great, as everyone could throw an idea out there, and we could all see it and add our own thoughts. I really learned the value of wikis with this project! Once we had some basic ideas, we started to develop a script. Once we had a basic script, we had to decide on shots that we would need. The online collaboration was totally made possible by the wiki. It proved to be invaluable.
Once we had a well developed shot list, I started taking video of Sullivan and the different shots that we had listed. It turned into about 4 different times that I had to go back and collect more shots that we liked. I rought edited the shots on my computer since the footage was so large, then I would upload them on to youtube, and the different members of our group would download them and edit them on their own computers. One member was solely devoted to the sound editing and creation. This worked out well for our group.
We posted the work we had and made comments, finally coming up with an end product that we all liked. Overall, I think we worked well as a group. I thought we should have more special effects on the video, which was not the group concencus. I learned to "go with the flow" a little more. The quality of the video was low because of all of the uploading and downloading we had to do. But, overall, I am proud of our work.