Saturday, June 13, 2009

Anatomy of a Good Swim

So, this week, we went to Beaumont for a while to spend some time with my parents. My best friend, Tiffini, moved there from College Station about a year ago, so it was a convenient excuse to let our kids play again. We hung out at my mom's pool ALL week long. The kids had such a blast, and it was so wonderful to get to visit with her like in the good old days while the kids played.At the beginning of the week, Sullivan was swimming, but not very brave. We have gotten him private swim lessons for the past two summers, and I was terrified that he was going to have to learn everything again (which was really scary as the swim lessons involved ALOT of tears). So, finally, I enticed him to swim by bascially throwing him in (I was there to help him). Once he saw that he could swim, he was a FISH!!! He began getting very brave. He swam everywhere- so exciting. Then, he started exploring with his "dives". He has perfected the cannon ball, and I'll show you his latest invention- the "sun dive." Sullivan "walking on water". If you ask him about this picture, he'll inform you that he can't really walk on water, the camera just makes it look like he is. (Just so you know.....)

This is the knees bent cannon ball. You must yell "knees bent cannon ball" while performing the stunt, or your score doesn't count.

Yet another walking on water picture, I like the look on his face- I am about to enter!!!

This is the traditional cannon ball. This apparently is a move like Sonic the Hedgehog makes, and you must pretend to be him while performing the stunt. (or your score does not count)

This is the sun dive. In case you would like to perform it, here are the steps (according to Sullivan):
1. You must be five AND a half (otherwise, you can't walk in 3 feet water).
2. You must turn around backwards and look up into the sun.
3. You must jump backwards.
4. You must hope your back doesn't hit the water, because that WEALLY hurts!!!

This is the sun dive with the feet entering the water first as opposed to the back. This is what is performed after a few unsuccessful attempts at the sun dive and a back that is "red and stingy".

This is just fun. You jump and say "AHHHHHHH". It's fun.

Miracle man? Just saying...... he's pretty good at walking on water. But, seriously guys, its just the camera making it look like he can walk on water.

SPLASH!!!! I hope you are enjoying your summer as much as we are!!!


linda said...

Looks like he walks on water to me. Of course, Sullivan is so wonderful he can convince me of just about anything.