Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Sentamental Moment

Excuse me, I am having a very sentamental moment. Seriously, its killing me. I was looking through pictures this morning for a few good shots, and I saw my two newborn babies. How in the world are they 2 and 5 (and a half, please don't forget the half- its the part that lets you stand and walk in three feet water, without the half, you drown). I mean, Sophie just came running in the kitchen yelling at the top of her lungs "Brother!!! You can not come in Sophie's room. Brother, you play in your room, Sophie plays in Sophie's room." Sullivan curently has on some princess shoes, is clanking them on the hard wood floor asking me if I think he looks like a "handsome prince."
Sullivan is reading anything and everything he sees. My mom told me he read the titles on the back of a cd case the other day when he got bored. Its kind of dangerous knowing that he can read everything now. Sometimes I think he is so grown, then he says something REALLY dumb, like "I yelled really loud in my room yesterday, so we shouldn't have any monsters in there for about another week", and I realize just how young he really is. He is still my little sweetheart. Don't get me wrong, he gets into plenty of trouble, but he just has the sweetest little heart. He is very into figuring out relationships of all of our families, and currently, he is trying to convince Aaron and I to get a divorce so that he can have step parents like his daddy does. He so doesn't get everything that goes along with the actual divorce, but hey, he wants to be like his dad! The other day, we had him tested for a gifted and talented program at school. As the teacher who was to test him was walking out of the room with him, I reminded him to use all of his manners. He looked really worried, and asked, "If I use all of them, I won't have any left, and that wouldn't be very fair." "Alright buddy, just use most of them," I replied. Honestly, perhaps he shouldn't make the gt program? ;)
Oh yes, and my lovely little Sophie. She is a stinker. I am not kidding. I know I probably complained alot to you when she was a baby about her crying, but I think she was born with a naughty streak. She is currently into swimming, she wants to swim all of the time. All she can think about is swimming. If we aren't outside swimming, and she thinks about swimming, she says "Raise your hand if you want to see Sophie swim!" She loves for us to raise our hands for everything. She LOVES doing everything that Sullivan does, which is how she learned that he isn't allowed in her room. Lately, we have been spending a lot of time at our friend Doug's place called "Skate Galaxy" here in Baton Rouge. If you haven't been, you need to, its great!!! (Skategalaxy.com) Anyway, Sophie has discovered that she LOVES Dance Dance Revolution. She dances her little heart out and really gets down. Its a little disturbing to watch her dance. Honestly. She loves her aunts and uncles, and her nanny and pawpaw. She got a bobo on her face the other day and had to go to urgent care because we thought she needed a stitch or two. She went crazy until they found her a purple "bambam" (bandaid), because that's how she could get better! Oh, if she is that worried about a bandaid, can you imagine what she will be like at 12?
Other than that, life is moving along fine. I recently found out that we will probably have daycare at school next year, and am really excited about the possibility of having both of my kids with me at school. I will be teaching three-four periods and working with teachers on coordinating technology into their curriculums the rest of the time. We'll have a brand new fabulous building, and a new mac laptop for each kid from pre-k to grade 12!!! Right up my alley!!! Alrighty, I must go try to corral Sophie down for a nap. Sullivan has a movie date with one of his cousins, and then we'll just try and enjoy summer a little longer. I realize the days of having little ones is fleeting, and am really trying to enjoy every moment. The fighting is getting more intense between the two, and I can honestly say I am sick of hearing about how angry someone is that the other on looked at them, BUT life is great and I wouldn't trade it for anything!!! I am going to try and post more regularly for you, my loyal fans, so thanks for putting up with me during the move!