Tuesday, January 13, 2009

This is the Life

My mom called me at 8 this morning to tell me Happy Birthday. Good thing she reminded me. If she didn't, I might have forgotten. At 2 am last night, Sophie came in here screaming, soaking wet. She apparently wet the bed, ALOT, and it scared her. In my stupor, I brought her to the bathroom, took off her clothes, gave her new panties, and wiped her up a bit. Good thing I woke up, or I might not have gotten the cothes in the dryer. Normally I don't care if I dry clothes at 2 am. But, when your kids wear the same shirt everyday, its essential that they be cleaned and dried before they wake up. Luckily, we were able to peel the batman shirt off of Sullivan yesterday and trick Sophie into taking off the Dora shirt. It had been 4 days for each. After four days, a kid starts to smell pretty badly, and I can't describe what the clothes are like.

As I lay here in bed typing this, Diego is on my tv. Sophie is cheering wildy about some cat that he is apparently saving. Yesterday, she saw an elephant on my computer and went nuts. She had to kiss and hug it. So then, Aaron and I spent 30 minutes typing animal names into the google search so she could have a new picture to make out with. You had to be here. Sullivan wears a batman mask to go with his batman shirt. He wears it everywhere. Yesterday, we went to the mall, and he wore the garb. Aaron was rather embarrassed and asked him to take it off. I explained that it was part of development and asked him to let it go. When Sullivan started making arm and leg movements, and then sound effects, it did get rather embarrassing.

But, I remind myself all of the time that THIS is the life. From where I stand, life could not be better. I mean, honestly, my kids adore me. I am not trying to brag, I am sure your kids adore you too. Seriously, what could be better than a human being that kisses you when you fall, hugs you when you cry, and pats your back when you screw up? I mean, hearing a tiny voice say they love you, they need you, and that their world would not exist without you- how could it honestly get any better? My mom told me that this weekend Sullivan was very loving with her. He told her how everyone loves her. When she said sometimes people are mean to her, he apparently showered her with love. I mean, honestly, can you ask for more?

Ok, while I am enjoying this life, Sophie just found the peanut butter dog biscuits. She is beating Sampson with one trying to make him eat it. I must go solve this dilema! Enjoy your life today!