Thursday, January 8, 2009

the Poop Situation

So, once you become a parent, you instantly join the "we talk about poop publicly club". Sorry if you aren't there yet. You should understand one day. I knew when we were at the hospital with Sullivan. Here we have this 5 pound tiny newborn, and all we want to do with him is take him to our house and be a new family. But, nurses had to keep coming in every ten minutes to see if he had pooped. We had to wait until he did before we could leave with him. Then, when they get sick, its not enough for people to ask if your kid is pooping, they want to know the variety of poop, solidity, color, and smell. Apparently there is some "rank fish" smelling poop that comes with rotavirus. Let me tell you, if I have to analyze the smell of the thing I most want to throw away in the outside trash, I am gonna not be a happy camper. One time, when Sullivan was a baby, he had to take an antibiotic that made his poop white and smell like windex. Aaron thought we should save it and try to sell it on ebay. We didn't.

So, why am I talking about poop? Sophie woke me up this morning by coming and getting me in the living room and telling me that poop was yucky. Yes, I definitely agree, this is why we get it OUT of our bodies for good. I quickly smelled they yucky she was describing. I asked her if she pooped in her panties and she said "No Dopie poo poo in the potty." I looked in her panties, and let her know that she had , in fact, pooped in her panties. She was VERY insistent that she had pooped in the potty. She led me into the bathroom to show me. She had apparently sat on the potty (without taking off the panties), tee teed and poopooed. All night's worth of pee was in the toilet shy of what was filtered through the panties. We were super proud of her for doing it on her own accord, but tried to explain that she should take her panties off first.

Hopefully, we are close to doing all of our potties actually in the potty. I thought I would brag that she has now said her first 7 word sentence! We went for her two year checkup Tuesday, and the doctor was asking me all kinds of developmental milestone questions. She asked if she said two word phrases, and I laughed. Of course, I remember being terrified at Sullivan's two year checkup because he wasn't talking. Anyway, the doctor (who is wearing a purple shirt), starts talking to Sophie and asks her a question. Sophie ignores her. I remind her that she gets a sticker if she answers the questions. Sophie says, "I no talk to the purple." Needless to say, she is doing fine developmentally. So, the 7 words? Last night, she came into my room and said "Mom, water." Its two in the morning, so I just said, "come cuddle with me, I don't have any water." She replies, "Mom, say. Daddy, water, go get it." I guess she has learned rather young ;)


Lisa Rider said...

So funny that you are blogging about poop, I was just talking to Lindsey on the phone about Cooper's poop. You are right, once you are parent poop becomes so important. LOL!