Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Brother, thankful, and the such

I like to jumpy, jumpy! Sophie has begun calling Sullivan "brother". She says it in the dearest of ways, "Brother, come here," "Brother, move", " Brother, I say move!" Anwyay, its really cute. Yesterday at Sam's, she was screaming at him at the top of her lungs "Brother give me the coke!" Too much for her little britches. Speaking of britches, she is full time in panties, no more pullups EVER (hopefully). And, I am proud to annouce that "Houston, we have lift off", she has pooped in the potty three times. Yesterday she was in the playroom and screamed "Aaron come here fast! Oh No, Uh oh." He ran in there to find quite the late Christmas present in her pants that apparently was dropped off before she had time to run to the potty. You did read the quote right, she also is calling people by their real names. Its really funny and really annoying all in one. She was running around the "Bounce" the other day looking for me yelling "Bicky, Bicky!!!" She loves calling my parents "Steve and Linda". Only when she is mad of course. She is growing too fast. Today is her two year check up, so we'll see how fast she really is growing.

I got an award and need to list six things I am thankful for. So, I here ya go:

-I am thankful taht every day I know two beings in this world love me no matter what I do or look like, and have me on a pedestal that's pretty close to as high as the clouds.

- I am thankful that I found my true love early in my life- at 20! so that I can have one of those crazy long marriages- I am shooting for 80 years!
- I am thankful for two parents who still love each other and sacraficed more than I will ever know for me to have a happy childhood filled with wonderful memories.
- I am thankful that I live in a country that I can love Christ and talk about it.
- I am thankful that God loves me even though I am SOOO unworthy of it.

- I am thankful for my two little beings that are growing so big and strong every day. They are so gorgeous!
PawPaw- Steve- I said don't take another picture, just play with me.
Do I have to tell you again? This is getting really frustrating.
Sullivan's idea of how to build a ramp- just put two pieces of wood together, should work.Nanny helps him build one that just might actually work.And he's off! It works!!! Who knew scrap wood could be this much fun!?!
Well, I see that Sophie has found Sullivan's light saber, and hear it as well. Sullivan had his Indiana Jones sword and looks as though he is ready to defend himself. I must run. I'll have to catch up with you later!


Lisa Rider said...

I always love reading your blog. Even though I have never actually met you or your kids I feel like I know them. They are adorable!!

Lisa Rider said...

I don't mind if you add me at all. Cooper's cake is a broom, which is a little odd, but he is obsessed with carrying brooms around.