Friday, January 2, 2009

Hello 2009

Hello all. I assure you that we have not fallen off the face of the planet. Actually we have been rather busy and rather lazy all at the same time. We left our camera (along with all of our pictures) at Aaron's dad's house over Christmas, so I have no pictures to post. I will tell you that our chidlren had GREAT holidays. It is so fun to watch them experience new things. Santa was very good to them, our families were even better. The amount of toys that they received is enough to keep a daycare going and happy. My aunt Karen came over last week and surprised Sullivan with a "bath tub" (his words) FULL of legos from when her two boys were growing up. He won't even leave his room. He was beaming, super excited, and hasn't stopped playing since. She brought her grandkids with her, and Zack exclaimed that he wants to be Sullivan's new brother. I told you they got alot of toys!!!!

Anyway, let me fill you in on some of the things going on in our house-

Sophie wears panties now all of the time, she poops in them most of the time (about every other day). Its pretty gross. No, its really gross. It grosses her out, she stands still and screams, refusing to move. But, it apprently doesn't gross her out enough to do it in the toilet. We'll get there.

Sullivan plays legos, Indiana Jones, Batman, Mario, or Sonic all of the time. He takes his characters very seriously. He has been begging me to make him a cape so that he can be a superhero "for real". We'll see if it actually gives him superhero powers.

We watch ALOT of Dora. ALOT. We now have EVERY Dora movie there is I believe. Anyway, as soon as we get our camera, I'll share some pictures. Sophie loved opening presents. She really didn't care what was in them as long as she got to open them. We had to watch her wherever we went because she would be under their tree opening presents. One night, we were at my parents' house and just started to wrap random stuff for her. It was pretty funny. She had soooo much fun!