Saturday, January 3, 2009


A few weeks ago, we went to Aaron's grandparents' house in Louisiana. They have a HUGE amount of land (161 acres!) with lots of animals running around. When we drove into the driveway two horses came up to greet us. We, of course, being city folk, had to stop the car, open the door, and let the horses check us out. Sophie and I rode bareback quite a bit- they don't ride the horses much anymore being in their 70s, so the saddles were not "in working order". Sullivan would not ride bareback until he is 31, because apparently that's the only year that it's safe to ride. The kids had a blast. Sullivan and his two girl cousins, Anna and Carson, chased cows all afternoon, never catching one. They have LOTS of feral cats running around that Sophie looked for but never caught and a few dogs to add to the fun. We had a great day and are sure to return as soon as they are ready for my two running around their once quiet house again!