Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Family & Friends

We just got back from a whirlwind weekend in Baton Rouge where we got to see lots of family and friends. It was very short, but wonderful! Sullivan had a blast, and really enjoyed playing with his cousin. Their Gram totally spoiled them with gadgets, knick nacks, and modeling clay. It was a weekend he won't soon forget. Oh, did I mention that she got him a huge sunflower sugar cookie that he had to lug around showing to everyone before he could eat it? Then, when he did eat it, the large amount of sugar made him throw up!!! Pop and the boys were able to relax in front of the television for while. And of course, Sullivan had to have a picture with Pop when he was all decked out in his police clothes! It was a weekend we won't soon forget- I hope the memories last him forever!

This is Hannah and Sophie's first playdate. Hannah's mommy, Lori, and I went to LSU together and lived together for a while. She was my first true roomie, and we shared many moments together. The girls had lost of fun together, I hope to get them together often as they grow up. Hannah is a true miracle baby, you can read more about her at prayforhannah.org.

This is Kate's second birthday party!! Her mommy, Jamie, and I have been best friends since we met on a mission trip to Mexico during college. We hit it off immediately, and have lived together, talked on the phone almost daily, and been through quite a bit together. Little Reese is in her tummy, and we are anxiously awaiting her arrival any day now!!! Jamie and I will definitely grow old together! Sullivan had a blast at the birthday party! Kate enjoyed holding baby Sophie!

Sullivan, in this picture, informed me that he was a monster and that monsters DON'T take pictures. They do, however, (according to him) eat bread and grated cheese. Who knew? This is Aaron's favorite picture to date of Sophie and I!

This is Aaron's grandma loving on Sophie on the left, and Aaron's mom loving on her on the right. Sophie's personality is definitely coming out. She cracks up laughing at her brother, and smiles all the time now. She is such a sweetheart. Aaron, the man who "doesn't do babies", has now realized what "Daddy's little girl" truly means. He baby talks to her, and eats up the fact taht all he has to do it look at her and she smiles and coos. (Don't tell him I told you that please, or he will get embarrassed).