Sunday, May 27, 2007


Ok, I have been told by numerous people (Aaron included) that there are no shots of Aaron on our FAMILY blog. Let me first explain why, then I will let you indulge in some of my favorite dad shots ever of he and Sullivan. The reason there are no shots of Aaron on here is because he works around the clock to provide for our family. He has worked his way up in the world and is the CHIEF broadcast engineer at Texas A&M. He has made so much of himself, and has done it all with hard work. He is supersmart and 100% dedicated to his job and family. Because of his commitment, I am able to stay home and raise my kiddos like I have wanted to do since I was probably three and at home with my mommy. Aaron is the best daddy ever to Sullivan- the two of them are hillarious together. Last weekend, they had to share a twin bed, and all night, you could hear them going back and forth- "give me the cover, no you give me the cover, move over, you are in my space!" The two of them are hillarious. Sullivan lights up when he sees his daddy come home. And Sophie? We had a photographer come over this week, and the only true smiling pictures we got were when Aaron made her laugh. Her little eyes get so bright when he walks in the room. He is so funny with her too- always sneaking around so I don't think "he is into babies". I have come out of the shower on multiple occasions to hear him cooing and talking baby talk to her. As soon as I come in the room, of course it stops. Anyway, Aaron is beyond the exceptional father. I am so happy I married him, and I can't wait to watch our kids grow up together. I love you Aaron!


babbfamily said...

oh, that is so sweet!