Thursday, May 10, 2007

Bathing Beauty

Well, summer is almost officially here! We are ALMOST done with the playhouse we were building for Sullivan's birthday (September 29 of LAST year). It's been a big family project. We have definitely learned alot about each other. Despite the lack of picture of Sullivan (he wouldn't cooperate because he was having too much fun), it looks like we are in for a fun summer. Sullivan loves the water and has been living at the splash parks or in his pool in the backyard. We are even going to the big pool in our neighborhood this afternoon. We will see how Sophie does.

Speaking of Sophie, she is at such a fun age. She does the "belly" laugh- you know when it comes from deep within. She is such a cutie!!! We got a double jogging stroller, and Sullivan sits there talking to his "princess Sophie" the whole time we walk. I am down 12 pounds! I am so excited, and definitely on a roll. Well, the princess is calling, I must