Friday, May 18, 2007

Culmination of a Long Process

Ok, when we decided to "build" a swingset last year for Sullivan's birthday party, we had no idea what we were getting into. We thought it would cost about $800 (much of which he received for his birthday). We also thought it would take about a week to build. Here we are, almost done, and almost into June! I am so proud of Aaron though. He has built it from scratch, no plans, learning as he goes. The deck has a rock climbing wall that he built on the back side that you can't see from this picture. All that's left to do now is give it a coat of paint, a door and a window!!! Of course, we have far exceeded the $800 budget and the week's long investment, but we have learned so much in the process (that's what life is really about right?). Aaron has spent almost every free second of his time working on this, and all in the hopes that Sullivan would love it. Sullivan is dying to sleep in there now!!! I am sure the playhouse part will get lots of years of use out of it. I can see it becoming a house for Sophie eventually, but now its a fort.

Underneath is a huge sandbox that has already had lots of hours of play! Anyway, we are so excited to be almost done!!!