Wednesday, May 16, 2007

The Anatomy of a Successful Escape

1) While sitting in your favorite swing, smile and use bright eyes to make your mommy think you are innocent. Remember, she still thinks you can't go anywhere, convince her of this so that she does not buckle the seat belt. After all, you are only four months.

2) Use your telepathy to make your brother ask for breakfast just long enough to make your mommy look away. This way, you can plan the next move.

3) As soon as mommy gives in to brother's request for breakfast, put the plan into action. If you flip fast enough, she will never see it coming.
4) As soon as the escape is successful, shoot nevermind, she caught me. Maybe next time!!! Oh well, at least I can get in the jumperoo- my favorite place of all!


Steve Buser said...

Just like her mom used to do it