Friday, December 5, 2008

Sullivanisms- You know you need a dose of reality

A few new Sullivan funnies. He's been dressing up for the last few months. He is either Indiana Jones (that was about of month of dressing in the same clothes every day), Mario, Luigi, or Sonic. He gets really frieked out about what color clothes he needs to wear so everyone knows who he is for the day. Yesterday, he was Luigi. He was trying to phonetically explain to Sophie how to say it. Remember, he's five, so some phonics just don't work.

"Sophie, its Luigi, you know MMMMMMMM Luigi. Try that Sophie mmmmmmmm Luigi"

Last night, when he wasn't being very good and after making us call him Luigi ALLLLLLL day, Aaron says "You know, Luigi would never act like this. He always listens to his mom and dad."
Sullivan replies, "I am pretty sure he doesn't even have a mom and dad, he is a cartoon character, plus, I think you know I am not the real Luigi, but Sullivan pretending to be. And, everyone knows that Sullivan doesn't always listen to his mommy and daddy"

The other day, the two of them were playing really well together in his room. He usually leaves the door shut and doesn't let her in, so I thought it was really sweet. Then, I heard Sophie screaming BLOODY murder. I run into his room, she is laying on the floor (on her Dora couch that he apparently had the piece of mind to bring in there first) and screaming. I asked him what happened and reiterated many times that he better tell the truth (it seems that any time she is crying, they "bonked" heads- his excuse that he thinks won't get him in trouble). He thinks really hard, and then decides to tell the truth.
"I wanted to see if she was a real super hero that could fly." (is your stomach hiting the floor like mine was at this point?) "So, we got on the top bunk, and I grabbed her hand, and we jumped. But, she couldn't fly."
"Sullivan you could have broken a bone or even worse- killed her!"
"I wasn't trying to kill her mom, just see if she could fly, and she can't."


Snyder Central said...

Oh MY! That is CRAZY! At least he held her hand right? Jumping from the top bunk! I would have made that top bunk off limits for a LONG time

Cristi said...

OMG!!! Sullivan!!!! I'm so glad she's ok and he wasn't trying to "kill her" ;) He sounds a lot like my darling hubby at this age. He broke his sister's arm by launching her into the closet with his feet....ahhhh what we have to look forward to.