Monday, December 8, 2008

The Birthday Adventure

So, our little Dora fan celebrated her second birthday (which isn't really until the 23rd) with friends and family this weekend. She LOVED every second of it!!! We had the party at my mom's house so that she could celebrate with uncles and aunts, and close friends. She was overwhelmed with all of the Dora stuff! She LOVED the table cloth, naming all of the characters, couldn't wait to dig into the cupcakes, and actually "enjoyed" the cake while we were setting up and didn't know. So, needless to say, she was the only one who braved the cake after her finger "trails" were found all over it. Good thing we got cupcakes too!

One of the four times Miss Tiff had to clean Sophie up from getting into the cake.

She was a meticulous present opener. As soon as she tore off a small piece of paper, she would put it in a pile and fold it. It got a little lengthy, so we kind of prodded her along. She LOVED her fun presents- baby dolls, princess shoes, all things Dora, and, the big kicker- a roller coaster! The funny thing was is that she did the roller coaster OVER and OVER and OVER without smiling. She was super serious, but refused to get off. Afterwards, we all took naps and then went to a Christmas parade. The kiddos had so much fun. Sullivan and Thomas (best friends forever) loved yelling "Me Me Me! " and catching lots of goodies. Overall, it was a wonderful day! I can't believe my baby is almost two, but when I watch her fussing and throwing fits, I realize just how close the terrible twos are.

This is how we roll in our car- her first time to wear headphones.