Tuesday, December 9, 2008


So, on Sunday, we went to eat at Fuddruckers. They have an outdoor playground, so my kids were happy. They played for a long time, then ate, then went to play some more. We were chatting, watching them play, and just enjoying the sunshine when we heard Sullivan playing with some little kids. The kids were shouting things like "Get over here slaves!" "Get more slaves" "Buy some slaves" Beat some slaves", etc. We were kind of concerned and told Sullivan that we needed to leave. Perhaps their parents were ok with this, but I am not about to be shot because my kid picked up some junk on the playground! So, when we were walking to the car, Aaron tells Sullivan its really not nice to play like those boys were and that we don't play with slaves and we certainly don't hit people. Sullivan gets really upset and asks why. Aaron asks if he even knows what a slave is. Sullivan looks at him like he is the stupidest person in the whole world and says "Of course! Its what you ride in the snow! Why wouldn't you want to play with those and buy more?" Ummmmmm.........

Yesterday, Aaron took Sullivan to the eye doctor's office where they were checking out some glasses. Aaron puts on a pair of frames and asks Sullivan what he thinks. Sullivan holds four fingers up and says "How many fingers can you see?" Aaron laughs and says "That's not the kind of glasses they are, they don't work yet." To which Sullivan replies, "Oh I see, they haven't put the brains in them yet."

Sophie LOVES saying no all of the time. Last night, after she was supposedly asleep in the bed, she came in our room and yelled at the top of her lungs, "I say NO to the nap, I say NO to the bed, No nap, No bed, No nap, No bed." We promptly put her back in her bed and showed her who is really the boss ;)