Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Its Snowing Its Texas

Yesterday we used the AC- the high was 80 and muggy. This morning, we looked out the window to find this. Imagine our surprise. Good thing we turned the heater on for the "wintry mix". Sullivan wanted to taste the snow. Sophie said its "yucky out there". We thought surely that was the end of the crazy white stuff that fell from the sky.

But, around 3:15, we were drivigng home from running errands and started to see white stuff falling from the sky again. It was thick too, and it has been thick for the last 3 hours!!! This is a picture from a second ago out our back door. Its coming down pretty heavy, and we are hoping to go build a snowman if it keeps up this pace. Can you believe it? Sullivan keeps asking if its Christmas day, I don't really know how to explain the snow here! It is definitely getting us in the Christmas spirit.


babbfamily said...

I saw on the news that your area was getting snow and I was thinking about ya'll! How fun!

P.S. Where is that baby's clothes?!

Leslea said...

Only Sophie would be out in the snow naked :-)