Wednesday, October 8, 2008

A Sullivan Funny

We were riding in the rental car, and Sullivan proclaimed that he was bored. So, I decided to check him math skills.

"If you have 10 red beans and 4 white beans, which do you have more of?"
"Where are the beans mom?"
"No, you don't really have them, just pretend you do. So, which would you have more of the ten red or the 4 white?"
"Mom, seriously, where are the beans?"
"Nevermind Sullivan, there are no actual beans."
"Oh my gosh, you mean you were just tricking me?"
"No, I wasn't tricking you, I was trying to see if you knew a puzzle question."
"So, now we are doing puzzles in the car, don't you think we could lose the pieces?"
"Ok, never mind Sullivan."
"Mom, I really can't believe you were tricking me like that, I mean here I am looking for the beans everywhere."


Iain said...

Wow sullivan is funni,loan him to monty python or falty towers