Friday, October 24, 2008

The daring and brave

So, Sullivan, errr Indy is very into what he wears lately. It has to be THIS exact indiana jones shirt, THIS exact hat, a khaki pair of pants, and carrying a whip. That way no one would mistake him for being exactly who he is, Indiana Jones. So, yesterday, we were having a play date over here, I was making last minute clean ups, while he ran in flipping out. You see, he realized that he didn't have the satchel that Indiana Jones has, and he was very afraid that someone might mistake him for Sullivan. So, being intuitive, old Mommy pulled a purse out of her closet. I thought he might get upset thinking it was a girl purse, but he was super excited! He couldn't believe I had Indy's satchel up there, and this one was super special because it even had an ark key on it!

On to the motorcycle. This motorcycle is not new. No, my mom bought it when Sullivan was a toddler for a dollar at a garage sale. When I first saw it, it was missing all of its stickers, its tires were so worn, I thought "I would never let my kids ride on that." Well, Sullivan LIVED on the thing at my mom's house, and now it has moved to my house. Sophie has brought the OUTSIDE toy in and claimed it as hers. You are not allowed to walk within five feet of it, or she screams. She rides it (I use the term rides loosely, she can't reach the pedals) around the house for hours at a time. If something gets in her way, she sits there screaming until someone moves it. It would take too much energy to get off of the dang thing and move the obstacle itself.