Wednesday, October 1, 2008

The Birthday Party

So, this year Sullivan wanted an "Indiana Jones Lego Adventures" party. You couldn't leave any of that phrase off either! He wanted to have it at home, but luckily I convinced him to have it at McDonalds. I tried and tried, but finally convinced him by telling him how much his friends would love it. He had a blast! He wanted me to make the cake, even though I tried to tell him that Sam's makes all of our cakes. But, we had been to a birthday party where his friends' mom had made a rocket cake, so HIS mom had to make his cake too. I thought it turned out horrible, but when we got there, the kids all though it was pretty cool. Sullivan said it was the most beautiful cake he had ever seen, which is all that really matters right?

The kids all played, ran around McDonalds, and had a blast. At one point we lost Sullivan and his friend Samantha, only to find them playing video games in Blockbuster!!! Luckily, they were fine. They all got to eat Happy Meals, and eat cake and ice cream. They got lots of McDonalds' goodies. We practiced with Sullivan before because we were worried about his age and opening presents. I have been to parties where the kids said things like "I didn't want that". We told Sullivan that no matter what he got, he would say thank you, and say "I love it!" He wouldn't go alond with the love it part! But, we shouldn't have practiced, because he was so genuinely happy that after each present, he would find the friend, give them a BIG hug, and tell them thanks.

It was really cute.

On the way home, he told us "This was the best birthday party ever, and all of those gifts were just lovely. I sure have great friends!" I can't believe he is five, but he definitely celebrated in style!


TheBossLady said...

Too cute!

linda said...

Yeah, I never have to miss another birthday party. We will see you Sunday Sullivan.
I love you more than the whole world.
Nanny Buser

Theaveragekid said...

Hey this is from Zoe Sullivans Aunt. That is so cute! Please tell him happy birthday from me!!!!!I love yall!:)

Brandy said...

Cute pictures! I really think the one of you and Sullivan is great! I'm so glad he had a fun day! : )