Wednesday, October 15, 2008


So, on Friday, I did something you won't believe. I know I can tell you, but you probably won't believe it. I drove my kids halfway to Beaumont and left them with my dad to take back to Beaumont for the weekend. I haven't ever been away from Sophie that long and didn't know how she would do and was kind of nervous. I got REALLY nervous when I saw cookies on his front seat (if you have ever seen my dad after sugar, you'll know why). But, he assured me they were for the kids, and off they went. Sullivan called to inform me that he was on vacation, which meant that "you get to do whatever you want to do." He apparently convinced his nanny of this because he came back with quite a few new toys and LOTS of new stories. They apaprently ran the kids ragged, because they both had HUGE bags under their eyes and have been sleeping alot since Monday. I was going to get them Sunday, but they weren't ready to come home, and honestly, I was having fun!
You might be wondering what someone does with a break for the first time ever, go see lots of movies, go to lots of non kid friendly stores, etc.? NOPE, they lay around and do NOTHING. I watched ALL of the college football games on my couch. Aaron tried to get me to go to the football game here, but to no avail. Every once in a while I got up and did something around the house. I actually did get alot done, its amazing what you can get done when you don't have small ones running around sabotaging any work you actually accomplish. Aaron and I did manage to go out to eat a few times. We relaxed together on Sunday, watched more football, took long naps, and did stuff around the house you can't do with kids running around (ok, dirty minds, we installed the vent in the bathroom necessatating him going in the attic- not easy with climbers around).
The funny thing is, as wonderful as it was to have a break, I think my parents enjoyed it more! At one point, I wasn't sure I would ever get them back. HONESTLY. They both did great (or so I am told). Sophie was over joyed to have me back though. She has been randomly running up to me and kissing me, and hugging me. At night, she wakes up like 50 times to see if I am there. That little voice in the middle of the night saying "mommy" is so sweet! I missed them tons, but honestly, I am wondering when they can have their next fun weekend :)


Steve Buser said...

I am finally recovered. I wasn't sure I was ever going to get out of bed.


Wanda said...

Hi ~~ I've been following your dad's blog for a long time, and just love his pictures and narative.

I know now why I felt such a connection.....He's a wonderful Grandpa.... My favorite role in the whole world is Grandma GG..that's what they call me. I have 9 grandchildren and 1 and 1/2 great grandsons...the 1/2 is due in January.

So It was so fun to read your post, and know you are the daughter of Steve...

So glad to know you... I'll be back.