Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Five year olds know EVERYTHING

"Mom, did you know that five year olds know everything?"
"Really, how?"
"Mom!!! God whispered all the things in my ear!"
"Like what?"
"Ummm, like some snakes are not friendly, some are. Some lizards just aren't you friend and never will be. The sun is yellow in the afternoon."
"Wow, that's alot, but it doesn't sound like EVERYTHING."
"That's because everything else is inside of that stuff."
When it rains it pours around here! Sophie ran into a brick wall Friday night and scabbed up her chin really bad. It bled for a long time, and now everywhere I go, people point it out as if I don't know its there. Then, this morning, she walked off the couch, and bit a part of her lip off and rebroke the scab on her chin. LOTS of blood. LOTS of crying. LOTS of misery. She is sleeping now, and hopefully will be feeling better.
My parents moved back to Beaumont this past weekend, so we headed down to help. We came back, put my car in the shop, and got a rental car. Apparentely Chevrolet Cobalts have some problem, and we had to wait around all night for it to be towed because it died in my driveway. So, we are on rental car number two.
We have a ton going on around here, so I'll have to update you a little at a time!