Tuesday, May 6, 2008

I wanna Be a BOSS

Ask Sullivan what he wants to be when he grows up, and he replies "I wanna be a boss like you."

Ask Sullivan if his mommy is fat, "Not really fat like Santa mom, well your tummy is kind of like his, but you never wear a red suit, so that's good."

Ask Sullivan if he is smart, "I know that 20 plus 20 makes one million, so I guess I am smart."

Ask Sullivan how old his mommy is," 51, you are much bigger than my daddy, who is 10."

And, here is some proof that Sophie is our little talking machine. She never talks for people, so I had to catch her in the act. Her new word is "yellow." Earlier, she took off her diaper, then brought it to me, and said "help." I guess she needed it back on. She told our doctor "Aggies good" when we went for a visit the other day. She also LOVES to show off her alligator clap- its what they do at the A&M baseball games. She LOVES the games now. She gets all excited when we pull up. Its kind of sad because there are only two games left. She claps and cheers, holds her hands up and imitates the students. Its really funny to hear her laughing while Sullivan yells "Walking's cheaper."


Mandi said...

She does talk!! I swore I heard her say "diet coke". She is such a big girl....and love the diaper!

Anonymous said...

That is so stinking funny, I told Schuyler and both of us were laughing so hard! Can you come over and play with Moira?

Rebecca said...

That is SO FUNNY!!