Saturday, May 17, 2008

He is a Boy

He is a model child. He looks like a magazine poser! I am prejudiced, I know, but I think he is gorgeous!!! We chose his name because we had never met another and wanted him to be unique and an individual, and boy has he lived up to that!
Before I had him, I could not imagine my life without a child. I still can't. And, I can't imagine my life without him as my child. He is such a ray of sunshine. He is, in my opinion, the prettiest boy I have ever seen. Where his stunning blue eyes came from, I will never know. I mean, I know genetics and all, but have you seen his mom and dad? He is precocious. VERY. He likes pushing you until he can not push any more. He seems to know where that is and usually draws the line before you lose your mind (but not any sooner than he has to).
He has this smile that can make you forget any pain! He is a cheese ball, and I am certain he will be a class clown. He delights in making others laugh, sometimes to the point of getting himself in trouble. His favorite two people to make laugh? His nanny (his best friend) and his sister. Boy does he love those two ladies.
He is diplomatic, if you ask him who he loves more- mom or dad, he replies- "both". Perhaps setting himself up for a future in politics? He is quite smart. I know most people think their children are, but seriously he is! He is doing pretty nice math equations now- adding and subtracting, and he LOVES to spell. He really enjoys video games, and when he teacher asked him what he is best at- he told her how great he is on the wii! (He actually is pretty good, he can bowl a 180).
He is a fun loving boy- always wanting to make friends with people everywhere we go. He loves having friends, and is constantly talking about them. Today, he was stuck on his friend Trinity. He had to tell me how Trinity eats her sandwiches, had to order fruit because that's what Trinity would do, had to use a napkin like her. He truly loves his friends. Sometimes, you wouldn't know it though by the way he behaves. But, I suppose that is part of being a 4 (and a half and don't you forget the half) year old boy. He is a boy I tell ya! I am learning every day to love him more. I realize each day that I will never fully understand who he is or who he is becoming. He has surprises for me all of the time. I love listening to him talk, I love his jokes, but mostly, I love his love. He loves me so unconditionally, that I do not understand it. He loves to love me. He loves to hug me and cuddle me. He loves telling me how pretty I look and grabbing my hand just to remind me in public that he is there for me. I know he must grow, but I don't have to like it right?


Steve Buser said...

He gets his looks and diplomatic behavior from his mom.