Sunday, May 11, 2008

Happy Mothers Day Friends!

This has been quite a weekend for us! We listed our house (by owner) this past week and have been waiting for someone to love it as much as us. No luck yet! My parents came in town, Sullivan had his class picnic with his school, and my BFF Tiff graduated! I couldn't be more proud of Tiffini. Seriously! Quite an accomplishment friend!!! Oh yeah, did I mention my other friend gave birth to a three month old last week? That's right "little" Austin came into the world ready for the summer weighing in and measuring about the size of an average three month old. He is so stinking cute!!! ALMOST makes me want another, NOT!!!

My parents and I took the kids to the splash pad on Friday afternoon very spur of the moment. So, we didn't have swimsuits, but the kids had sooooo much fun. It just proves that kids can have fun for free- lots of it!!! Sullivan had so much fun introducing all of his friends to his "Nanny and PawPaw" everywhere he brought them.

Mom- you have been an excellent inspiration in my life. I am so thankful that you gave up your career years for me and stayed home. I will never forget the hours we spent playing barbies, building forts, going to the park, and just enjoying being a kid. You are such a wonderful mother, and I can only hope my kids love me half as much as I love you when I am grown.

And on this day that we are celebrating mothers, I feel so blessed to be a part of a wonderful group of friends here in town. They are all such excellent mothers, and I am so happy to have such great women to raise my children with. Aaron sent me 4 dozen roses, and I have been secretly admiring them, smelling them, walking by for no reason just to stand in awe of their beauty. I feel alot like they are my kids- you have to just stare as long as you can to remember their tiny quirks, because they grow so fast! I can not believe that I have a 1 year old daughter and a 4 1/2 (he MAKES me remind you of the half) year old son. They are amazing creatures, and I am so happy that Aaron has allowed me to watch them grow every day. What a wonderful thing! Thanks Aaron for letting me live my mommy dream!