Friday, March 28, 2008

Sewing Machine

That's right guys, I have turned into a sewing machine. I am having SEW much fun (had to do it). The kids are getting old enough to play with each other, which I am just loving, so I decided to try a new hobby. Here are a few of my projects:

On the note of LOVE, can I tell you a few things that I just LOVE?

Well, if you said no, then close your explorer page, if you said yes, read on:

- I LOVE listening to 4 year old jokes that I have heard 10 times. They never get funnier, but they seem to crack me up every time! What did the train say when he sneezed? Achoo choo! :)

- I LOVE seeing Sophie's shy head bury its way into my leg when someone new greets her.

- I LOVE seeing Sophie's face light up when you can tell she is figuring something new out- this morning, you should have seen how excited she was by a simple elevator!

-I LOVE hearing pitter patter of tiny feet. Sophie had a playdate with her little friend Blake this morning, and it was the sweetest thing ever to hear their little feet chase each other on the wood floor!

- I LOVE watching Sullivan's mind grow and expand. He is learning so much every day, and soaking in so much. We have been learning about "when two vowels go a walking, the first one does the talking." Its so fun to remember all of the fun little tricks to reading!

- I LOVE babies. I really do. I don't want any more, but I just love them! I got to hold Blake's twin baby brothers this morning, and I think they are just perfect. Nothing makes me happier than making a baby laugh. Nothing brings more joy than seeing the innocence of a sweet little perfectly round baby head and hearing that little laugh. Oh man, Gini, I need to come back over!

-I LOVE thinking about growing old with one man. The thought of growing from young kids who got married, to parents, and maybe one day grandparents is just exciting!

Ok, can you tell I am having a wierd day? Here's my last love-

Sophie has decided you can not put anything in her hair. I still try. So, usually, she has pigtails with bows. She pulls them out pretty fast, but her hair is left looking CRAZY. Here she is this morning with bed head. I LOVE it! And, btw I know she has red eyes, but the red eye reduction made her look like Satan, so she kept the red!