Thursday, March 6, 2008

I am not tired

Sullivan was not tired tonight when he went to bed. That's why, when I told him that I would be right back after checking on Sophie, I never imagined I would find him asleep in his clothes looking like a zombie. Good thing he wasn't tired.

I really think I am in for trouble in my future years. Sullivan asked me if he could watch a movie today, I told him he had already seen it 100 times, and that he needed to pick a new one- "Well did you ever think I might want to see it 101 times mom?" AHHHHHHHH... And, he is into making "tricky" letters. For instance, did you know that if you write an N and turn it sideways, you get a tricky Z? Or, if you write a V, put a little line in the middle, and turn it upside down, you make a tricky A? His life's mission is to find all of the tricky letters out there. And, he wants to know how to spell everything. He can sound out alot of words, but some have "hidden" letters, and he HATES those. He sounded out pelican all by himself, and was all proud, when he decided to try House. Man, that word is hard! Its so cute, because when he spells a word, he will say, "I can spell cat- uppercase C, lowercase a, lowercase t. " He cracks me up (sometimes).

And, if he isn't enough, Sophie has decided that she will only wear this skirt. A friend of ours made her a black and red toole skirt so that she could be a lady bug. Sophie wore it for two weeks straight (she cried to take it off for the bath). So, I decided to make her a pink one since most of her clothes are not red and black. She stands in front of the mirror looking at herself so proud. She has gotten quite proficient at the LARGE slide that my parents got them. She climbs up and heads face first down it all the while yelling "whhhheeeee" in her baby voice. Sometimes I wonder if she really was that tiny newborn I brought home just over a year ago.
I LOVE pink and brown. I LOVE LOVE LOVE it! This is my favorite of Sophie's diapers matched with my favorite of her babylegs!
And, for your viewing pleasure- Grace and Noah enjoy fresh water- no water from a bowl for these spoiled cats.


Snyder Central said...

I LOVE the picture of Sophies tu-tu, diaper and baby legs. Seriously, photoshop the wagon and such so it's black and white, crop, and then blow that puppy up for the wall!