Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Little Miss Personality

Well, Sophie's personality is really coming out now. I totally forgot about this age- exploring the world, finding out just what makes them unique. I am LOVING it. She is into laughing any time she hears someone laughing. Its hillarious to watch her watch a movie with Sullivan- anytime he laughs, she pretends to know what is funny and laughs along. She keeps watching him for approval to be sure its still ok to laugh. She loves walking up on you in a room and shouting "Boo." I think its her favorite word. She is quite a talker, and yesterday she said something that sounded as much like hamburger as you can imagine. Although, Sullivan says she would never say that because she doesn't like ham, she only likes to eat cheeseburgers.

So, Aaron and I had gotten them some fun stuff for Easter thanks to a big sale at Toysrus. Well, we could wait to give it to them, and let me tell you, I have found the perfect toy for little ones. This fisher price singing stage in the video. From the second Sophie opened it, she has sung and danced, clapped, kissed the baby in the mirror. It is by far my favorite toy she has ever had. And for your viewing pleasure, anyone like ravioli?


The Mama said...

That toy looks like SO much fun! Blake loves to dance and sing, so maybe the Easter Bunny will sneak that in Sunday morning.

Sophie is so big. I can't believe how fast she's growing and how funny her little personality is.

Ana said...

how cute!

Therese said...

Vicky, she is so freakin' cute! And I swear, her eyes sparkle when she claps!!!!