Friday, October 19, 2007

What a Day!!!!

First, let me say that we have big news in the Creasy household. No, I haven't drank the water that apparently gets you pregnant in this town (I have 12 pregnant friends, TWELVE). Sophie took three steps yesterday, and I am pretty sure she will be a walker in the next couple of days. Now, on to the news of the day. Sullivan had a field trip to a local pumpkin patch this morning. He had so much fun! Sophie was SOOOOO tired, as it was during her morning nap, but she refused to not be a four year old. She followed them, and would not sleep. That's why she isn't smiling in any of the pictures. She was so serious, but having serious fun. They had a "hay maze" and a huge area with about 300 pumpkins for all of the kids to climb on. But, Sullivan's favorite part was the 600 pound pumpkin that they have there- the biggest in Texas. He keeps telling everyone that he saw the "hugest" pumpkin ever. My dad asked him if it was bigger than his mom, and he replied, very matter of factly, "Its bigger than the whole world!!!"
Sophie finally crashed in the middle of eating a cracker!

Then, we went to Houston to play with some of Sullivan's oldest friends Carli and Caden. Then, the kiddos crashed all the way home. Now, Sullivan is at Parent's Night Out at gymnastics while Daddy, Sophie and I try to relax. Wow! This has been quite a day, I need to go to bed!!!!


Therese said...

Oh Vicky, Sophie is getting so big. What a cutie propped up against that pumpkin. Isn't it hard to believe that last year at this time you were preggo with her? Crazy!