Wednesday, October 24, 2007


This is Sullivan's artistic replica of God done in colorful chalk. He says that God has lots of noses, and that's what the dots are.

So, apparently, God has been having lots of fun up there toying with our family! We have had the health of I don't know what lately. Aaron has gone back to the doctor twice, but finally seems to be getting better after having a scope done and finding a sinus infection. He is now on good antibiotics. Sophie never got over her ear infection, and went back Monday for a painful shot (she screamed for an hour and a half afterwards). She seems to be getting better, but is far from sleeping well. Sullivan woke up Monday with pink eye, and today with strep throat. I mean, come on God!!!! Anyway, besides that, we are totally enjoying fall weather. Sophie took her first three steps last week, and is getting better and better every day. I kind of scared her when I saw her walking because I had no idea she could, and she fell. She was kind of reluctant to try again, but she is WAY too interested in what Sullivan is doing, so she is at it again. Sullivan went to the fire station with school. For his overpriced education, he learned two very important lessons:

1) Fire is hot and will burn you if you touch it.

2) Smoke can make you cough.

Wow! What a valuable lesson!!!!