Friday, October 12, 2007

Storyland in New Orleans

So, we drove all the way to New Orleans to see my PawPaw. He hasn't been doing very well, and it was one of his last things to find peace to be able to hold Sophie. More on that in another post, but for now, a fun post.
We had some fun times in the good old New Orleans (is that the Big Easy?). Anyway, we went to City Park, rode the street car (which Sullivan calls the street car train), and went to this fun park themed after stories. Sullivan had a blast. It took him a little while to really get his imagination going, but once he did, he had a blast. It was so funny, he was playing, having fun, then we got to the Grandma's house from little red riding hood. He walked up to the front door and must have jumped a mile high when he saw the big bad wolf dressed as a grandma in there! I just had to share these pictures so you could see how much fun the park is!

I'll take one picture, but I am NOT happy about it!
Cheese! Enough already!
Sophie enjoying the park. Ana- I promised you a shot of the stroller in an exotic location!
Old King Cole's castle! Cool!
Anyone else feeling nervous about him being up so high?
Oh hell no!!!! Did anyone notice that giant whale eating people? When did the fun end and this turn real?
Humpty Dumpty as we were leaving- notice how sweaty he is- a true sign of a boy having fun!

My dad has a few shots of him on his blog. This one is on the streetcar with Nanny :

Here he is on the spaceship in Story Land:

And, here is the fire truck in Story Land:


Julia said...

This place looks SO FUN!!!!!!! :) How is your Grandpa doing? I have been wondering and I have been praying. I hope you guys had a very nice visit to N.O.!