Thursday, October 25, 2007

I am tired

So, it has finally hit me. I have been taking care of sickos for going on two months. I am not really sure why we can't shake this whole sick thing, but this whole- "mommy is on duty 24 hours a day and never gets a break" has finally broken me. I have put up with alot. People kept asking me how I kept it together in the hospital, then to come home and deal with pneumonia, two rounds of strep for Sully and one round for me. Then, Aaron gets sick- real sick- like to where he can do NOTHING when he is home, and then Sophie gets this ear infection that she can't break. Supposedly she is fine now, yeah right, fine. That's what you say because you don't have to wake up with her every 45 minutes. She supposedly has the "behavior" of a sick baby and isn't sick. Well, now that she thinks I am her human pacifier and nothing else calms her when she is mad, I am pretty much out of luck. So today, when Sullivan whined and cried all day about his throat hurting, but refused to take motrin because it would hurt to swallow, I pretty much lost it. I mean, I love them, all of them - Aaron, Sullivan, and Sophie. (Its debatable at times whether I love the circus of animals that calls my home theirs, but that's anotehr discussion for another time and place). So, while being SUPER whiny (on ANOTHER gorgeus day that I missed while stuck in my house), Sullivan also looked horrendous because his pink eye is just not responding that well to the antibiotics. It has flared up, and he is all goopy. so, even though we have already spent $125 on office visit copays THIS week, I am assuming, we will be back tomorrow. I can't imagine living a normal life at this point anymore. I am so ready to have well kids!!! Ok, ok, I know you have heard enough. Sorry.

Sometimes, when I think I am at my bottom and can not possibly take anymore, God gives me a little wink- just to remind me that punishment doesn't last forever I suppose. Tonight, I decided to shower the kids to make bath time go more quickly. I forgot that I needed to wear a swimsuit (so as to cover myself from Sophie, sorry if this is TMI). She couldn't stand it. I kept saying, Sophie you don't need milk right now! Leave me alone!!! Sullivan kind of got upset. He said, "Mama, she just wants some milk because she loves milk, and if you won't give her any, then I will."

"Be my guest Sullivan, I would love to see that!"

"Fine, then, I will give her milk from my boobies."

"Sully, boy's boobies don't have milk. Only mommies (who are girls) have milk right after they have a baby."

"Well mom, God made Sophie just for me, and she is my baby, so I must have milk for her."

I know it sounds insane, but the child is in love with his sister. To think that he has been sitting around thinking that God made her just for him for the last 10 months blows me away. I am so glad that they get along so well (please don't jinx me, I know that siblings eventually fight), and it brings joy to my soul to watch them love each other. He is so patient and loving towards her, that sometimes I wonder if he would make a better mommy :) And, if that doesn't make you smile, then surely watching a baby crack up at her mother's insanely HUGE talent show should ;)


Rachel said...

I LOVE that story from the shower. I can't believe what a wonderful brother he is and that he comes up with that stuff on his own. I hope Josiah loves his future sibling close to that much!

Steve Buser said...

I laughed all the way through the show. Four times.

-- dad
New Orleans Daily Photo

Rebecca said...

Aww...that story is just precious. I could see Kellen saying something like that...and I hope that neither one of them lose that sweet side...